About your request

What you need to understand, how to apply, and how to confirm your reservation

I regret very much to inform you that I closed until further notice. (21st May 2020)

●Request flow
1) Please read this page carefully. (It's a long explanation, but it's very important.)
2) If you understand, click (press) the "Click here to apply" button.
3) A request form will be launched. Fill in the necessary information and send it.
4) We will contact you at the contact email address at a later date.

* I speak only Japanese. If you need to translate Japanese into other languages, please arrange an interpreter.
* If you do not receive an automatic reply immediately after sending the request form: Check the mail reception settings.
* In the case of an e-mail address of a Japanese mobile company, please check whether e-mail from a PC can be received.

Please read before request

I want you to read it slowly.
The content is to calm down the image of the medium and excessive expectations. In the end, I'm writing normal things.

Recognition and content for interaction with other worlds
Recognition: A medium is not a "caller of the person you want to meet."
Contents: The contents to tell you are thoughts and feelings of those who passed away.
Please treat contents and conditions transmitted by your family with a broad and large heart.
When stopping the spiritual exchange
If the exchange is weak for 15 minutes after the start, it may be terminated.
I try to make it easy to understand.
However, with regard to the content reported, I will not be liable for any warranties, liability, compensation, etc.
Please request after consent.
I do not meet your expectations for the following: It is mainly predictive and predictive.
  1. Things related to life (such as asking about life span)
  2. Thing about disease name and symptom
  3. Divination advice (marriage, employment, lottery, gambling, job fulfillment, etc.)
  4. About false content / fantasy content
  5. Exchange of views on religious thought
When basically refusing
  1. Spiritual enthusiasts and interested
    * Please refrain from any interests or requests to develop your own abilities.
  2. Those who are mentally "outpatient / hospitalized / medicated" or equivalent
  3. Minors (especially those under high school students)
    This is because he/she is a very sensitive age and is likely to be affected.
Attitudes toward interaction
As with anything, it's about being courteous and caring.
I hope you understand this too.
If your feelings shake after your request ...
Even after you have been commissioned or your schedule has been decided, you may feel upset.
There is no need to overdo it, so please take care of yourself.
Please send me a simple email. It is sufficient.
* Off course, cancellation fee is NOT required.

About the method

I live in a rental apartment. (Nagano city)
* Only one parking lot is exists.
* I know that connecting trains is relatively convenient.

< About the meeting place on the weekend from 2020 >
I have talked in advance from the planning stage, but I have not found a place in Tokyo.
In Osaka, the story will progress after spring.
Until it becomes clear, it will be a small house as before, but we will accept it in Nagano city.
Phone (in Japan)
Considering the distance, time, weather and physical condition, it is easy to call from home.
After booking is confirmed, I will contact you with a special number.
Please call the dedicated telephone number you contacted at the reservation time on the day.

* Please make a call after phone number non-display is canceled.
* Telephone call charges
Landline telephone: You can speak at the local call charge of the landline you are calling in Japan.
 Mobile phone: The rate structure of each mobile phone company.
* Calls other than the confirmed date and time cannot be accepted. please note that.
Call charges between Skype are free, both in Japan and overseas.
I will contact you with the name of Agatha's Skype by e-mail, so please register by the day before.
At the reservation time of the day (may be a little earlier), please select the "call button" and contact me.

* Please be assured that the Skype ID of the client will be "deleted" shortly after the end of the request, just in case.
* For Skype, please visit the Skype website.
* Contacts to my Skype ID other than the confirmed date and time cannot be accepted. please note that.

Start time, required time, etc.

Start time
From 10 am to 1 pm
* After 3:00 pm, it is time for the family, such as preparing dinner. I'm sorry.
Required time
About an hour
Reward for spiritual exchange (fee)
For those who request for the first time, we ask for "advance transfer".
* Details such as account and amount (average amount) will be notified by e-mail.
Irregular holidays
* During the winter term semester holidays (from December 27 to January 6), [Face to face] will be canceled.
* E-mail is always available.
Please let us know if you are not alone.
* I can only speak Japanese. If you need to translate Japanese into other languages, please arrange an interpreter.
* Regarding the attendance of children (below high school students)
I cannot accept without considering the enormous impact on children under the age of high school students and various spreads. I understand the sad and painful feelings, but the effects on children are more important and important than adults can imagine.
(I don't want to overlook the effect on children without their parents knowing. First, I want to consider how to affect children.)
Schedule change/Cancellation
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail, as there may be sudden changes in your physical condition.
Notes and recordings
Notes and recordings can be made so that only you and your family can hear what is being communicated.

I regret very much to inform you that I closed until further notice. (June 30 2020)

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If you can not use the form, please contact us by "Request by Mail" on the right. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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